Tuesday, 5 April 2011

'We just keep on winning'

That's what the Saints supporter in the office next door keeps saying and I don't think Charlton will wipe the smile off his face tonight. The bookies certainly have us at long odds.

There are a few encouraging signs in Charlton's play. Chris Powell is trying to get them to play a passing game (to a red shirt). Some of the players are not up to that, but we are gradually getting players who are. At first sight Michael Stewart is a class act compared with McCormack. I hear that Johnnie Jackson will be available soon and that will help a lot, although it will be interesting to see who he replaces.

Unfortunately we are still capable of making defensive errors and that may let us down tonight. Defending from corners needs to be tightened up (defending from free kicks is improving).

I'm afraid it looks lika 2-0 win for the 'Arrogants' tonight. However, Southampton are not invincible defensively, so there is some hope.

The game is one in hand for Southampton and is billed on the south coast as a 'must win' game for the automatic promotion hopefuls, but then they all are: Saints


Crowborough Addick said...

Wyn, if you look at the League tables a year ago compared to now it makes interesting reading. Norwich are 2nd in the Champoinship, Leeds 5th & Millwall 8th. Plymouth & Swindon have hit rock bottom, and might even face extinction.

Lets hope we have now stopped gambing all to survive/get promotion, and that we can start building the nucleus of a good team to have a right good go next season. You never know, we might even get a result tonight!

Jon said...

Frankly, the club's immediate future depends upon getting home results, and not much else.
Even in this division, regular wins will see people turn up. The objective must be to plan for 60+% home wins next season.