Wednesday, 13 April 2011

And now Huddersfield

Unfortunately I am going to miss the Huddersfield match on Saturday. I have to go to Switzerland for some meetings and won't be back in Birmingham until lunchtime on Saturday. Hopefully I will be in time to listen to the commentary, although I wish the commentators would talk more about what is happening on the pitch rather than anything that enters their head. It may be that there has been a pointless hoof up the pitch, but it would still be nice to know.

Last night Rochdale beat Southampton 2-0 which puts our own result against the surprise package of the division in perspective. It also shows what confidence can do for a team. It does, however, make Saturday's game even more significant for Huddersfield. Earlier in the season, of course, this looked like a match which could be significant for both teams.

Christian Dailly has received very harsh treatment in his suspension for the rest of the season. We shall see the return of Doherty, a honest player but too reliant on the powerful but directionless header.

It also appears that Jackson's achilles problem will put him out of contention for the rest of the season. We have missed his contribution.

Huddersfield are going to want it more on Saturday, but it's another chance to show that Charlton is edging towards quality. However, I fear a 1-2 defeat.

Finally, congratulations to Brighton on their deserved promotion. They have shown that it is possible to play quality football in the third division.

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Anonymous said...

I have moved to Switzerland now, Wyn, and I am meeting a fellow Charlton supporter, Walter Lehmann, in Bern on Tuesday.

Jan Becher