Friday, 1 April 2011

Do try and cheer up

Leyton Orient come through the Blackwall Tunnel tomorrow no doubt hoping for three easy points at The Valley as they continue their late play-off push. Their recovery from a poor start to the season seems to have been boosted by their cup run.

The performance at Rochdale seems to have been reasonably good. Of course, whingers have pointed out that performances don't matter, results do. However, given our situation, a gradual improvement seems the best that we can hope for.

The 'we are heading for relegation' crowd have appeared again. Admittedly, we do have quite a mediocre squad, but so do most of the other teams in the league. What we lack at the moment is confidence and the deep-rooted pessimism of Charlton fans doesn't help.

Drinking During the Game is one of the best Charlton blogs, but its author argued that 'If anyone can, we can' on the relegation issue. I don't think that casting ourselves as victims or feeling hard done by does anything to help. It is possible that the new fans' consultative panel headed by Jonathan Acworth may provide the required spark.

The pessimism is odd when you recall that this is the club that produced the Valley Party from among its fans. But I suppose that is all a long time ago.

My wife is joining me tomorrow in hopeful mood, but I do think that a draw is the most likely outcome.


Peter Loveday said...

Good sensible post Wyn.I would guess most of the we will get relegated brigade are fans who have come on board in the not too distant past. As a supporter since 1963,I've seen it all before,but you won't see me booing or giving up on this club. If I ever start doing that,I will give up on football. COYA

Crowborough Addick said...

As Charlton fans we are always cautiously optimistic, but aware that if anyone can defy the odds we can.

Statistics may have something to do with the recent pessimism however, Wyn. It is 11 games since a win, 74 since a no score draw, and 12 since a clean sheet. The result is we will almost certainly concede a goal and then become desperate to equalise. Going for the jugular never comes into it.

Lets hope CP now drops the nice guy attitude and kicks a few behinds. Up the Addicks!

Anonymous said...

Great thing optimism; but if all esle fails then at least you have Walsall on your doorstep for a crunch game.