Friday, 29 April 2011

Saddled Up

Seoul: It's a stormy Saturday morning in Korea and a little dificult to focus on event alongside the M6 later today when Walsall will attempt to the double over Charlton. The home defeat to the Saddlers was one of the worse in our season. It is generally acknowledged that Walsall were a poorer team then they are now, but they had nothing to lose and had a go realising that a Charlton team lacking confidence could be taken apart.

Now we are playing for pride, a possible top ten finish and to do the decent thing to other relegtion contenders. I am forecasting a 1-1 draw (don't put any money on it as my recent run of luck will come to an end).

Rumour has it that Elliot, back from injury, will be returning between the posts. Is this a good idea as Sullivan seems to have done quite well?

Miguel Llera is on the way out of The Valley when his contract expires. He has been a professional but erratic player who has scored some important goals but been insufficiently reliable in defence,


Anonymous said...

End of your run of correct predictions there, as correctly predicted!

I make this 24 points from Powell's 23 games in charge now. Has to be a change again in the summer I fear, never supported the sacking of Parky, and certainly don't like to see someone with the integrity and decency of SCP losing his job but it would surely be too big a gamble to allow Powell the opportunity, with so many out of contract, and the possibility of money from the new owners to construct a squad for the next season.

Wyn Grant said...

We can't keep on changing the manager and certainly not until he has had a chance to bring in his own players.

Happy said...

Hi Folks
Chris Powell is going nowhere, nor should he, Gus Poyet was only slightly better after he joined Brighton. Lets stop all this doom and gloom and give the man a chance, trust me the future is bright!

Anonymous said...

How quickly those who support one sacking start playing the "we can't keep sacking managers" card

sack crap managers, keep good ones.

To entrust Powell with the crucial task of constructing the squad in the close-season after the hapless destruction of the current squad's chances would, in my view, be suicidal and would cost us at best another season in Div3, and at worst saddle us with a repeat of the Dowie/Pardew curse of useless overpaid players on long contracts we can't get rid of.

Happy said...

Oh dear, the anonymice are out in force! How do we know Chris Powell is crap? I'm glad I don't live in your lives, it must be soooo depressing! http:/

Finkle said...

To all the gloom merchants, who would you replace Powell with?! We wouldn't be able to attract anyone high calibre managers, remember Eddie Howe turned us down.

Anonymous said...

It was a woeful performance. SCP needs to be given some time to show what he can do, but the endless hoofing forward of the ball into a windy sky must have been directed from somewhere.