Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ten man Addicks secure away point

Despite having to play with ten men for an hour after Christian Dailly was sent off, Charlton were able to secure an away point with a 0-0 draw at Oldham. It's a long time since we had a goalless draw.

Oldham manager Paul Dickov commented, 'They defended really well after losing the man. I feel their defenders had a bit more desire to get to the ball in the box than our attackers.'

Dailly was sent off after 35 minutes. A poor aerial challenge from Reid left the Charlton captain battered and bruised according to the CAFC tweet, but the shouldn't have kicked out. Chris Powell then had to take off playmaker Racon and bring on Jon Fortune.

Deubtant goalkeeper John Sullivan had to make two great saves to keep the Addicks in the game, one after Evina had got past three defenders. His performance raises the debate about Elliot again. There are many who think that Parky got rid of the wrong keeper when he left Darren Randolph go. Elliot is a good shot stopper who makes some decent saves, but he doesn't always command his area as well as he should.

183 loyal Addicks made the journey north and hopefully they were heartened by what seemed to be a battling performance.


Anonymous said...

It is a misconception that Parkinson got rid of Randolph. Randolph was offered a contract which he refused because Parkinson did not offer him a guarantee of first team football, Motherwell offered more money and European football.

No footballer with 6 months 1st team experience should be allowed to demand a 1st team place as guaranteed. Randolph had previously proved to be a poor trainer with an attitude. Could Parkinson have handled him better,probably, but to glibbly say that he was got rid of merely panders to those who have nothing but negativity about Parkinson and are seeking to bias the truth of history.

Collapsible Equilibrium said...

Having been at the game I can't agree it was a battling performance. Doherty did well in the second half winning alot of headers in the box. Otherwise it was a lacklustre game between two very poor teams.

To promise Randolph first-team football as he wanted would have been wrong in my opinion.

Also Sullivan did ok with saves you'd expect him to make but his distribution was awful.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Dailly's red card can't be quibbled but Reid also had to go for a ludicrously dangerous tackle, studs fully in Chris's face, it wasn't malicious but absolutely the worst I've seen all season. Yet again a dreadful refereeing decision by a weak official has changed a game, it should have been ten v ten. Until refereeing standards are addressed, games at this level continue to be a lottery.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Not only did "referee" K Wright improperly influence the outcome of Oldham v Charlton by not giving Reid a red card but Christian Dailly has now been offended against 3 times, wrongly extending his ban from 3 to 5 matches. His 2nd yellow away at Orient was ridiculous, if tackles like that are worthy of a yellow card then football will have less contact than tiddlywinks; and he was wrongly adjudged to have elbowed Yeovil's Williams when there was just a clash of heads. The sub-standard referees on these occasions were Linnington and Whitestone respectively.