Saturday, 21 May 2011

Can League 1 fans absorb more pain?

Do League 1 supporters have a particular capacity to absorb suffering in the form of poor play in the pitch? The latest Virgin money football index suggests that they are far less likely not to renew their season tickets next season than fans in any other league: Suffering

It could suggest other things:
1. That League 1 fans are more loyal (certainly a factor at Charlton)
2. That the cost of renewing in League 1 is much cheaper than in, say, the Premiership and therefore the present squeeze on incomes is less of a constraint. But that doesn't explain why there are slightly more cancellations in League 2, a patternn that also holds for regular 'walk up' purchasers.

A famous sports historian once told me that being a fan of the club was not a source of pleasure or a means of leisure but a form of suffering. The Addickted certainly know about that.

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