Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'Rick Everitt is the Bloke Behind Me'

I gave a talk at Eltham College in Mottingham last night and afterwards the talk turned to matters Charlton and our disappointing season.

One of the students remarked that Rick Everitt was just behind him in the East Stand which at least guarantees a more informed comment that what I generally get from the Bloke Behind Me, although he seems a bit more subdued these days.

I was asked about the financial situation at the club and I had to say that I know nothing more than any other fan. My hunch is that there is no Mr Big lurking behind the owners, but they have enough funds to keep us going and provide a slightly above average League 1 budget for next season.

To put that in perspective, relegated Sheffield United have halved their playing budget but will still have £6m at their disposal.


Anonymous said...

We had £4m budget last year , but Racon , Semedo and Youga took £1m of it.
Whilst Semedo has his moments, on that money he should be the best plsayer in the divsion , Racon is just plain useless , the people who sing his name are bonkers.
Next year , they will all be gone , we will have a budget of c £3m and the idea is that with a Top 6 budget and some decent young players , we will make progress , we shall see

Wyn Grant said...

Semedo will be missed by the fans for his enthusiasm and his contribution to the team. Racon shows the occasional flash of quality, but it has been all too rare.