Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Charlton linked with Craig Davies

Chris Powell has been checking out Chesterfield striker Craig Davies. He won the npower player of the month award in March and has scored 23 goals this season.

However, during the January transfer window he attracted interest from QPR, Leeds, Doncaster and Sheffield United. QPR and Sheffield United are probably now out of the frame, but if Powell is serious, it will be an interesting test of how deep Charlton's pockets are.

On the other hand, the example of Paul Benson suggests that one has to be careful in assessing how far League 2 form can be reproduced in League 1.

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Happy said...

We can only wait and trust in Chris. I've not got enough room here to tell those who believe he should go how wrong they are, and anyway Docs pills have run out!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the stats you will see that Benson 1st season at this level are reasonable, especially for a player who had required limited investment. but then your negativity against anything related to parkinson is only matched by your blind positively during the curbishley years.

Wyn Grant said...

Well perhaps we had something to be positive about in the Curbishley years.

Anonymous said...

Benson wasn't a terrible signing, but he has probably been a little underwhelming. Don't forget Parky couldn't even afford to keep Burton for another year, which should give some indication of the very tight financial restraints put on him. He also helped to fund Benson's move by cutting the goalkeeping budget by losing Randolph and bringing in Worner.