Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why it's good to have an Addick driver

Rod Rhodes

I must admit that I wasn't expecting any Charlton content in the new book by Rod Rhodes, Everyday Life in British Government. But on p.177 the Tasmanian tyke records: 'My favourite driver was Jo Broadhurst who played for Charlton Athletic women's football team (known as the Addicks).'

'She was a member of the Addicks team that won the Nationwide Women's Premier League Cup Final in March 2004, their first major trophy. They then went on to win the FA Cup in 2005. She was fun to talk to and her elation over the Addicks recent victory was infectious.'

'She retired in style two years later. She scored the winning goal as Charlton's women's team reserves lifted the Kent County Cup in a 3-2 victory against Millwall. I am sure she was happy with her status as "veteran midfielder"'.

'Given Jo's converstaions with me, it was not hard to see why the Minister liked her and found the chats in a car a welcome change of pace.'

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