Friday, 27 May 2011

Christian Dailly's future

The future of former player of the year Christian Dailly at Charlton is hanging in the balance.

Reports from a reasonably reliable source are suggesting that he wants to stay at The Valley and is disappointed with the deal offered which he refused. Dailly took a big cut when he joined us from Rangers and then accepted a reduced deal last summer in recognition of the club's financial position.

The latest offer is significantly less again, although he is, of course, a year older. He would probably stay on the basis of last year's offer. However, he is not without other offers, suggesting that others think that he can still deliver.

It is understood that he hopes it can be sorted before pre-season training begins on 30th June, but it is believed has options to do a pre-season at two Championship clubs if necessary.

Dailly is a big hearted player who is always committed, perhaps explaining the suspensions he earned this season. There were some signs towards the latter part of this season that he was tiring a bit towards the end of matches, but that is understandable. Hopefully we can retain him.

In response to this development, American sports journalist and Addick Doug Chapman commented: 'An aeging player who once played at the highest level, and wants to
continue playing into old age (for players). Dailly's career is well on the down-slope, and he will be worth less and less as each season passes. That doesn't mean he doesn't still have something positive to offer.'

'If Charlton were promoted, would they have offered Dailly a new contract? Highly doubtful. He is a League 1 player, with experience and class, but with an
increasingly slower engine. He can still be valuable to a League 1 or 2 team. But how much can they pay, and what is his experience worth?

'Charlton has to gear his worth for next season. He is not going to be paid for the past, not now and not in this economic climate.'

'Charlton may be playing a little hard ball with him now. Doesn't mean they won't come up some. But I would be very surprised if he got offered as much as last season. And he shouldn't be surprised if that is the case, either, given the stage of his career.'

Good comments by Doug which show why he is a professional sports journalist and I am not. It balances the perspective coming from those well disposed to the player.


Martin said...

I think we should release him. There's no doubting his big heart, but his errors (followed by over zealous complaining to referees and teammates, probably the result of frustration at this waning powers) proved costly too often last season.

WattO said...

agree with last commment. I have seen plenty of younger, stronger centre back pairings down at the valley this past season. I do not see why we can not poach a couple of them.

Anonymous said...

''Oh Christian Dailly you are the love of my life oh Christian Dailly I'd let you s@@@ my wife , oh Christian ----------

Pay him. Heart and soul of the team.

Anonymous said...

He will not be playing for Charlton next season.
I have it straight from the horses mouth this morning. That is fact no matter what C Powell says.

Anonymous said...

Anon - you (and the wife) have moved on after Nicky I see.