Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Charlton in for Hayes?

The rumour mill is linking Charlton with Preston striker Paul Hayes. He certainly may be available as the Deepdale outfit have talked publicly of offloading him and other players because they are financially stretched after their relegation, the club having sought to pursue Premiership ambitions at one stage.

Hayes is described as an 'intelligent' striker. Actually I think that Sir Clive Mendonca wasn't that intelligent (the only book he had ever read was about racing form) but he let his feet do the talking.

More about Hayes here: Hayes


Anonymous said...

He was intelligent enough to be able to spell Mendonca correctly though Wyn!

Bob Miller said...

I would rather see Iain Hume come in from Preston. Guts, determination, fire, spirit and kicks rockets! He recovered from a near death injury from a dirty elbowing job and came back to be Preston's best player. I suspect he will play up a league from us if he does leave.