Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Kyel Reid released

Pravda is reporting that Kyel Reid is being released by the Addicks. Views differ about him (as always) but my view is that he promised more than he delivered. He had pace and could penetrate opposition defences, but the final product was often disappointing. Towards the end of his stay it was apparent that he was becoming increasingly disllusioned at Charlton.

Ross Worner has been released, emphasising the need to bring in Sullivan who has been released by Millwall. Mambo has been retained, which is encouraging news, but one time white hope Tamer Tuna is on his way.

This decision is not a great surprise given the level that he has been playing at in the non-league. He had pace, but the question is whether he had much else.

Nevertheless, an issue remains about whether the development path for Academy youngsters is as good as it was without a reserve side. But I suppose one has to balance the cost of that against bringing in another player.


Hungry Ted said...

Can't say as I'd be surprised or dissapointed if Reid was released. I agree with your comments: although he looked like he could hurt teams, he very rarely did.

I shall remember his time with Charlton for the Southend away game last season, in which his introduction in the 2nd half completely changed the game. His late goal (Charlton's 2nd in a 2-1 victory) was outstanding.

Shame he wasn't able to perform like that consistantly.

Fustymccrank said...

I agree with you totally about Reid, I thought he was dissapointing last season after being excellent while on loan end of the previous season. As for the reserves I understand they are entering the league next season.