Friday, 29 July 2011

Addicks to beat drop

Charlton will escape the drop to League 2 this season, according to the season preview in Four Four Two. However, they will finish 18th, just above the drop zone. (At least that's what they said in the print version: now a web version has changed their forecast to 4th!)

Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday are forecast to occupy the automatic promotion places. Preston, Leyton Orient, Scunthorpe and Carlisle will contest the play offs. I'm not sure I buy into the idea of Orient as the surprise package, for all of Russell Slade's qualities. And I see Carlisle as destined for mid-table mediocrity while I would put Sheffield United higher than 7th.

The magazine comments, 'you have to spread the net far to find a Football League ground where the general vibe is as negative as it's been at The Valley in recent years.' However, 'South-east Londoners Chris Powell [?] and Bradley Wright-Phillips have the passion to taken Charlton back up.'

However, Powell is warned, 'he might have to abandon any ideals of slick football in faviur of a style that is more agricultural. Much to prove.'

Trevor Wood in the fan file fears 'dull football and more mid-table mediocrity.' Nevertheless, he reckons we can finish in the top six if we find a decent back four. He names Peter Varney as unsung hero at the club.


Anonymous said...

Why do we take any notice of this rubbish? I admit I may be even a bit over optimistic, but based on what we now have and the finances at the club- compared to all but about 3 other clubs in this Division we look to be strong contenders with the infrastructure to cope. Its far from a strong Division and marginally weaker than last year if thats possible.
We will all only know come the beginning of May 2012 if it was right to be optimistic- or this nonsense suggesting we will be 18th is right! Come you Reds.

Steve said...

Just goes to show that:

A) They haven't been paying much attention to transfers.
B) They haven't been to see pre-season friendlies.

We've lost one game pre-season, against Cardiff, and by all accounts were unlucky.

We played some delightful football against Den Bosche.

I'm not stupid enough to think we've got it made this season, but I will be VERY disappointed if we aren't in the top 6.

Presumably, Bourenmouth are above us, even though we've signed their 2 best players!

Wyn Grant said...

I think they probably wrote this before the pre-season friendlies. And I would agree that the idea that some journo has much of a better idea of what is going to happen than you or I is a bit far fetched. But it makes for an interesting debating point. Yes, Bournemouth are 9th.

Charltonboy1905 said...

I'd suggest this was written before the end of May!

Matthew said...

Sells magazines though, but so do tits

Fustymccrank said...

Thats actually one of the funniest things I've read for years. Just goes to prove that these magazines are only really interested in the premier league. Even if I wasn't a Charlton supporter I would put us as one of the favourites this season.

Blucher said...

It was clearly written a while ago - no reference to Green. Stephens, Alonso,Morrison or Taylor.

The journo has, rather lazily, just looked at " the sequence of two wins in the final 19 games of last season " and assumed the decline will continue.

I see also that the great Garry Birtles doesn't even mention us in the general article on League 1. I think we can live with it.

Onwards !

Ketts said...

Spot on Wyn, the preview supplement of FFT is in production early. They predicted a second place finish for us last season so I'm more than happy they think we are in for a relegation battle!

If you go to FFT's website you will find a much more optimistic prediction of where we will finish.

The FFT package, mag, 130 page season preview plus a pre-season fitness guide is a superb product, well worth the £4.95 cover price.