Monday, 11 July 2011

Charlton to sign dead economist?

You can see him a statue of him in Kirkcaldy, part of Gordon Brown's constituency (of 'dancing in the streets of Raith' fame) but now long dead economist Adam Smith is set to sign for the Addicks. Special projects manager Rick Everitt quipped, 'He will bring the wealth of nations.'

A source close to the club said, 'He may be a bit immobile, and we will have the expense of bringing him down from Scotland, but if we put him on a set of wheels who knows what he can do? He should enable the side to find equilbrium between the demand for goals and the supply of them.'

In fact Smith is a right back at Spurs and we have bid £200,000 for him. He was out on loan at Bournemouth last season so he looks like another cherry ripe player. And we do need another right back.

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