Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dailly dallies

Pravda is reporting that Christian Dailly is weighing up whether his future is at Charlton: Dailly

The 37-year old would have to accept that he would be a squad player and he would be on a reduced wage. I think that it is now quite challenging for him to do 90 minutes at the required pace, but he would be useful cover.

He has been exploring various options, but Miguel Llera has not found it easy to find a new berth. Blackpool have denied that they are signing him, insisting that they are just giving him a trial.

John Nutter [sic] makes an interesting point in the Non-League Paper today: 'There are a lot of players who come out of the League now to play in the Conference because the money is probably better at a lot of the clubs [than in League 2] with them all being ambitious to move up.'


Anonymous said...

Daiily is still the fittest player at the club
The Man is a Machine

Anonymous said...

"Required pace"? How many of the squad can beat him round the track?

Anonymous said...

OK Christian we get the point, bit sad coming on here and telling us though, we don't write the contracts!

Anonymous said...

Oh Christian Dailly you are the love of my life Oh Christian Dailly I'd let you shag my wife etc.
Worth signing for the song alone !