Sunday, 24 July 2011

Euell cameo main talking point

A 20-minute cameo by Jason Euell was one of the main talking points among Charlton fans after yesterday's goalless draw at Woking. Euell (who has been signing up Facebook friends by the dozen) brings back bad memories for some fans who recall laziness in his last phase at Charlton but others feel that he could add something as a substitute this season. Those who were there thought that he was very lively and held the ball up well.

An Addick who was there commented, 'Good movement also by Hayes, who would have scored early on but for great save by their keeper (who made a number of good saves in the first half). Stephens and Pritchard excellent in midfield, and Davisson did well wide left- great first touch, excellent crosses - sadly more than Waggy managed. Mambo/Doc did OK at the back, Popo NOT an option as striker.'


Steve said...

My main concern is that if Brad doesn't score, no-one will! The other strikers don't look they could score on a brothel! Impressed with Pritchard and Stephens. Wagstaff still very poor.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with Hayes: looked like a slower version of Benson, with less enthusiasm.

Steve said...

Another concern. Alonso and Evina. Are they figments of Chrissy's imagination? Anderson's played more football than both of them added together!

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Andersen not good defensively
Hayes was pedestrian
Sullivan very vocal but flapped at crosses
Stephens good with loads of time and space had icepack on his ankle at the end
Euell didn't look out of place and seemed in good shape - if he'll take 3rd division money, short contract and no guarantee of 1st XI place he'd definitely be worth 6months or a year
Wagstaff couldn't be @rsed

Rest of them seemed ok without being vastly superior to a team 3 divisions lower.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how anyone can recall laziness on Euell's part. His workrate was never in question, unlike his first touch. And does anyone have bad memories of the Premiership years?

Paul Hayes has hardly played a game since January so I think people should cut him some slack until he's up and running. He has scored well in this division before, after all.

We can be a bit quick to damn imo.