Friday, 8 July 2011

McCormack on his way?

Pravda sources are reporting that Dagenham and Redbridge have expressed an interest in Alan McCormack where he might well find his level.

Bournemouth have agreed a fee for Simon Francis while it has been reported, somewhat unbelievably, that Miguel Llera may be joining Brighton.

The season is now upon us with Leamington kicking off against Tamworth this evening and the Crown Berger Cup tomorrow. At least the weather is suitable for football (at least up here, it was quite humid in London yesterday)!

However, I do find the summer breaks these days a bit on the short side. Even the ice hockey is starting in August. Long gone are the days when Charlton players could turn out for Kent in the summer or try their hand at baseball.

Of course in those days the maximum wage, which was set at a suitable level for an 'artisan', was reduced in the summer and there were no bonuses for a win or a draw. Some players had to work on repairing the Valley terraces or the pitch to make ends meet.


Finkle said...

Bit worrying the amount of defenders leaving and lack of them coming in. Who's remaining? Did Dailly get offered a new contract?

Wyn Grant said...

Dailly was not offered a new contract, although it is not clear where he is going. The whole team is being re-built which is good in the sense in the old team was not up to it but of concern in the sense that they have to learn to play together. But I do not see an easy alternative to radical surgery.

Finkle said...

I agree that it is needed to change the personnel but at present I make it that we have:
1 right back (considered backup standard)
2 left backs
2 centre backs

There's a lot of spaces to fill and I hope that we don't rushed into buying tosh as the season approaches.

Wyn Grant said...

I thought that there were two players who could play at right back, but there was some recent controversy about whether Solly is up to it and I am one of those who has some doubts about him. I think there will be some loan signings, certainly as the season goes on.

Anonymous said...

I think if the move for Morrison goes through, it will not be so bad.

If Andersen pases muster, we will have 5 centre backs. (Docherty, Andersen, Morrison, Taylor and Mambo. I knowMambo is young, but the only way we'll know if he's up to it if he's given a chance)

Morrisosn will probably be 1st choice right back with Solly as back up.

We have an embarrasment of riches on the left, with Wiggins, Evina, Jackson AND Andersen who can all play left back.

The problem could come if morrison gets suspended, and Solly injured.

So, another right back seems advisable