Thursday, 21 July 2011

Benson departs

A rumour suggests that Notts County have a made a bid of £150,000 for Paul Benson. He scored in Charlton's 1-1 draw at Aldershot yesterday evening.

BBC Radio Nottingham are reporting that we have accepted the County offer as are Sky: Benson

For me Benson never successfully made the transition from League 2, he often seemed to me to be too static in his positioning. However, we do need cover in that position.


Crowborough Addick said...

I was at the game last night, and he scored with a sublime header when in space. His movement was good, but yet again he did'nt jump when he had a competitive 1 on 1 with the keeper.

We look like we are trying to play like Arsenal, but like them we seem to want to walk the ball into the net. It is entertaining and will bring back the fans if we win. Defensively we look quite frail, so we need to tighten up our play or else we will be ripped to shreads in league 1. Great to see Jackson back, and a much stronger midfield. Green looks good, but his crosses are percentage balls rather than picking out the striker. He left the pitch early after tweeking his hamstring.

It was a shame the whole squad was not available, as all the substitutions were youngsters, but it was good experience.

On a final note Solly reminds me of a young Bob Curtis, bar the moustache, and he played exceptionally well too.

Anonymous said...

As ever with football, I don't entirely agree with Crowborough .
Benson looked good and played well
Apart from him the defence looked good , particularly Wiggins who is going to be a star. The problems ( I'm afraid ) remain with the central midfield, Hollands looks OKish , Bover is definitely a skillfull player with a future but he will get clobbered big time in this league . He looks like 2 fag papers tied together. Presumably the Alonso deal has fallen apart because he has gone AWOL , Stephens is injured , so we have big problems there , same as last 3/4/5 years. Danny Green looks very good too. I thought JJ was poor last night and to be fair I thought he was before he got injured last year. He's not a winger and doesn't add enough on the left.
We will struggle to make the play offs without a few more bodies , notably central midfield and up front

Anonymous said...

What game were you watching to suggest Chris Solly "played exceptionally well?" He was out of position for the penalty, and is by far the weak link. Long ball every time he has the ball and just doesn't look comfortable. We need a new right back sharpish.

It was only pre-season but none of them seemed to light up the game apart from Green at times.

Bover is a bright prospect with a good football brain but tired towards the end.

We also lack pace. I'm definitely keen to see what Mikel Alonso can offer too for our central midfield.

Lol, Alonso hasn't gone AWOL. He has had more time off because the Spanish league finished in June! He'll be involved very soon.

I agree about Johnnie Jackson too. Has no pace and wasn't very effective. He doesn't get any crosses into the box either. He'd be more suited to central midfield.

Benson took his goal well but I don't know why we would sell him when we are light up front. Especially for £150k?! Surely his price has risen?! Unless the management have other ideas like a pacy striker.

The lads will have to step up now for Den Bosch and Millwall.

But, it's ONLY pre-season. I just hope come 6th August, they start with guns blazing!