Friday, 11 January 2013

Appleton quits

Blackpool manager Michael Appleton has given a new twist to the curse of Charlton by quitting a day before his team appear at Charlton to manage Blackburn Rovers. Steve Thompson, who took training on Thursday, has been put in charge of the team. Unfortunately for us, such circumstances can increase a team's cohesion and lead them to upping their game.

It is understood that Phil Parkinson has turned down the opportunity to take part in talks about the Blackpool vacancy.

With Dervitte suspended and Cort injured, Matt Taylor rejoins the Charlton defence tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

one other thing , what happened about this irish lad we signed a couple of months ago and was to arrive in this january period? did it really happen? ; as it seems to have gone very quiet about it.? thanks for keeping us all up with the news so regularly ; much appreciated -addict in coralled in essex hammers wasteland

Wyn Grant said...

There was a feature on the Irish lad in the programme yesterday. He's here.