Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Loanees return

Rob Hulse and Emmanuel Frimpong have returned to QPR and Arsenal respectively at the end of their loans, it is understood. Frimpong has tweeted his thanks for the warm reception he received from the Addickted.

It is also being reported that Andy Hughes may retire through injury.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal fan here - How would you rate Frimpong's performances for you guys? I heard he's been pretty poor

Anonymous said...

Showed promise during the first few games and then got worse. Didn't look fully fit

Wyn Grant said...

Not as much pace as I would have expected, but they may reflect a lack of match fitness.

Anonymous said...

Frimpomg disappointed me and I'm not sad to see him go.

He's obviously got talent and might perhaps be a better player in a better team.

It looked like it had been drilled in to him that his job (prior to joining Charlton) was to win the ball and move it to someone else. As such, he would get the ball in the middle of the pitch, advance a few steps and then knock it out wide - rather than be more adventurous. In all the home games I can only recall maybe two shots on goal that he made.

Good on the ball, but hopeless positioning off the ball. Good tackler but seemed to get angry when he was either tackled himself or was penalised. To the extent that Powell was forced to sub him in one game because it was clear he was going to get a second yellow at the rate he was going.

Can't recall him lasting a full 90 minutes in any match (might have in some of the away games?) - and I'd suggest that was due to increasing lack of impact rather than being unfit/worn out.