Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Iain Dowie puts his foot in his mouth

One Sunday in 2006 four men walked into a pub in Canary Wharf to find Iain Dowie installed in front of a big screen TV in time for the 1.30 p.m. kick off. He'd recently taken over as Charlton manager and explained, 'My new flat's not had Sky installed yet, so this is scouting.'

Iain Dowie bought the four several pints over the next 90 minutes, and told them which referees he hated, which well-respected manager was 'a right Onanist', which of his former team-mates were weirdos, shaggers or worse.

Only when the game was in injury team did he say, 'Enough about me. What do you lads do for a living?' They were journalists from the sports desk of a red top.

Thanks to Four Four Two for this vignette. We shall never see his like again (hopefully).

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