Friday, 25 January 2013

The charms of Charlton Village

The property show Location, Location, Location starring the Hon. Kirsty Allsopp featured a couple who were looking for a property in South London. They were renting in Belisze Park, but in the hope of purchasing had decided to slum it south of the river. They wanted a 'village' location.

After meandering round Streatham, Peckham and 'Forest Hill borders' they were introduced to Charlton which they had evidently never heard of. Planning a family, they were impressed by the mums meeting in Charlton House, the green spaces and the fact that they could see the wheel from the top floor flat they were viewing.

But at no time was the major attraction of Charlton village mentioned, the fact that you are in walking distance of The Valley and the start of an Addickton. I blame the Hon. Kirsty's sidekick, Phil Spencer, whose main role seems to be to smirk into his beer and I suspect of being an egg chaser.

Of course, it's not so easy to get down to The Valley from the village if it's icy. Stalwart work has done by volunteers clearing the snow and stands. Looking at the weather forecast, there is more snow in more prospect for today, but it looked as if the edge of it would brush SE7. Let's it is just a dusting and tomorrow's massive game can go ahead.

A piece here on what Millwall are doing to bring back the crowds, given that the Toolbox is under half full: New Den

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Dave said...

Wyn - the article re Millwall building their support is obviously confusing their "famous hardcore support" with their infamously hard hooligan element. Without them, their support is even smaller and, er, less "hardcore." The hooligan majority as is more appropriate at Millwall.