Saturday, 12 January 2013

Charlton win at home on a Saturday

Charlton achieved what has evaded them all season at The Valley this afternoon: they won at home on a Saturday. By beating Blackpool 2-1 they moved to 14th in the table. They are now ahead of Crystal Palace in the form table.

In the first quarter of an hour the Addicks were lacklustre and Blackpool could have gone ahead in the first couple of minutes if they had taken a scoring chance. The optimists in the row behind concluded, 'We're beaten already.'

However, a far from powerful goal by Jackson put the Addicks ahead and a nicely worked move allowed Wagstaff to score a second in time added on. In the first quarter of hour of the second half Blackpool once again stepped up the pressure, but Charlton were able to withstand it. However, a third goal eluded them and former Addick Nathan Eccleston was able to score a consolation for the visitors in time added on. He has tweeted his thanks to Charlton supporters for their love.

I'm not too comfortable with a 4-5-1 formation at home, even if injuries left no alternative, and the first quarter of an hour was frustrating. On two minutes Delfouenso got a cross in and Kevin Phillips might have done better with his header, but Matt Taylor was able to clear off the line.

Wagstaff and Evina got caught out in midfield, but Charlton were able to recover. Charlton won a corner taken by Stephens which led to a second but it was caught by Gilks in the Blackpool goal.

An interception from Crainey ran into the path of Jackson who made it 1-0 with a ball into the corner of the net. It was not a powerful shot, indeed it has been said that it actually arrived in the net after the end of the match. But they all count.

On 38 minutes a Charlton corner was caught by the keeper. Before the game I heard two Blackpool fans discussing whether Appleton's legacy had been to sort out the defence and they concluded that he had not. They were inclined to panic under pressure. In time added on Chris Solly played in Lawrie Wilson on the right. From his cross Gilks was able to stop Kermorgant's header, but Wagstaff was able to slam the rebound in the back of the net.

HT: Addicks 2, Tangerines 0

Blackpool won a free kick which led to a corner but this move ended in a free kick for Charlton. Dale Stephens picked up an avoidable yellow card, the only one of the match. Blackpool took off Osbourne and brought on Taylor-Fletcher. Bradley Pritchard put in an effort from distance which went wide.

Charlton won three corners in succession, but the pressure ultimately failed to pay off. Blackpool took off Delfouneso and brought on Eccleston. Scott Wagstaff was withdrawn in favour of Harriot who immediately tormented a Tangerine defender to win a Charlton corner which led to a second. Phillips went off to a round of applause from the Addickted and was replaced by Gomes.

A Charlton free kick led to a Charlton corner which was caught by the keeper. Our corners still need more work. Stephens was taken off when Kermorgant might have deserved a rest. In time added on Eccleston put his volley in the back of the net.

Match analysis

Ivy the Terrible did not think that there was one stand out player but thought that Chris Solly was always involved and did what was required of him, making some good defensive interventions so he receives the Silver Bone. Indeed, he was named in the Football League Paper Team of the Day. Hamer did not have a lot to do and could not be blamed for the goal, but his distribution was open to question. Evina showed pace and put in some good balls, although there were one or two errors and he was sometimes a little hesitant. I didn't notice Taylor that much but he suffered a bloodied head in the cause and as far as I can see did not do much wrong yet did not make a great impact. Morrison was generally solid, but was involved in one mix up with Hamer. Pritchard was once again energetic and enthusiastic. He must cover more ground than any other player and he made some good interventions. Wagstaff took his goal well, but I still have reservations about his skill level. Jackson scored a rather fortuitous goal and provided corners and free kicks. Stephens puts in a great ball one minute and a poor one the next, but he played a key role in the second goal. Wilson started rather poorly, but improved as the game went on. Kermorgant is not really suited to the lone striker role, but he showed some nice touches. Harriott was a real impact sub: the issue with him has never been his talent, but his attitude. Fuller had a cameo.

Juneau the Soccer Cat thought that the referee was a bit full of himself and made a couple of questionable decisions, but did not deserve a hiss. She has complained, however, about the time I have spent on this report rather than feeding her so I have got the hiss.


Jack said...

Bit anorakish but up until the 93 minute, the addicks had played 27 games, won 9, drawn 9, lost 9, scored 36 and had let 36, in tale of 3s and 9s until the 93 minute...
Thought Stephens had an excellent game defensively, breaking up moves and getting us moving. Felt we lost a bit when defensively when he went off. Not everyones favourite and bit inconsistent, but on his day pretty good, wonder if it was his last game for us...

Wyn Grant said...

Even though he can be inconsistent, I would want to keep him.