Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pritchard: I still don't feel comfortable

Bradley Pritchard is the subject of a full page feature article in The Football League Paper today. Recalling how he signed for the Addicks, he was volunteering as a part-time match analyst for the club and when he was called into Chris Powell's office, he thought he might be offered a full-time analysts post. When he was offered a playing contract, he thought he might have to double up as an analyst.

Promotion brought with it the realisation that he was about to hit the big time. 'I was nervous at the start of the season, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't,' commented the midfielder. 'For the first few games I was a bit overwhelmed and after the Crystal Palace game, about five or six games in, I was taken out of the side.'

'The games are widely publicised. I was used to playing in front of 700 people ar Hayes and all of a sudden I'm playing in front of 20,000 people. The boss was really good with me though, we had a chat and he relaxed me by redirecting the pressure - he told me to enjoy the experience.'

'I started slowly this season and looking at my own performance there were a lot of things to work on. I still don't feel comfortable, not yet anyway. I've come up directly against the likes of Danny Murphy, someone who I watched for years, and you can't help but think: "Should I actually be here"?'

'But once the whistle goes it doesn't matter. Even Lawrie Wilson came up with Stevenage. I remember playing against him when I was at Tamworth the year they got prompted, now here we are playing in the same team in our first year in the Championship.'

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