Thursday, 2 January 2014

It's a done deal

Charlton have become a Belgian owned club, reports the South London Press but at a price of £20m, not the £14m originally reported: Takeover

The takeover has now been announced on the club's official site, confounding the sceptics who disregarded information coming from reliable sources. Richard Murray will become non-executive chairman.

Swedish midfielder Astrit Ajdarevic is the first of a number of players to join on loan from Standard Liege, in his case on a six month deal: Ajdarevic . Anyone around the Gare Centrale in Brussels should keep a lookout for other Standard Liege players boarding Eurostar.

It is understood that Roland Duchatelet is currently in the country. Contracts giving him control of the club are expected to be signed Friday morning. The contracts of players and staff will need to be sorted out. Chris Powell has expressed nervousness about his future, but hopefully he will be allowed to remain in place and given much needed funds to strengthen the club. In the longer run, however, a foreign owned club may require a foreign manager.


Anonymous said...

Last week we were treated to the very same media releasing, the SLP and Daily Mail are being used to manipulate the takeover process I fear.

I would not be as please as some seem to be if Roland is the new owner of CAFC, those detractors from across the channel have good reason not to like him. Come on Josh, don't let him win!!!

Boneyboy said...

The sale has now been confirmed on the club's web site.

Anonymous said...

Not overly excited. Standard Liege castoffs probably aren't all that gifted and we'll be seeing our fair share no doubt.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much the liege players that we should be getting cheerful about. It's more that, subsequent to Cash no longer bankrolling the club, we should be happy that we will now be a financially stable club. In other words, we'll be more like a Watford-type club rather than a Pompey-type one!
If that also includes getting some decent Belgian youngsters and extended contracts for Chrissy and our best players, then we should be chuffed that this takeover has happened. We would have been in serious trouble without it.