Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Smith to Swindon?

BBC Wiltshire have been reporting that Swindon Town have signed Charlton striker Michael Smith for £200,000, but this is yet to be confirmed. Chris Powell did, however, say to the press last night that Smith was talking to the Rocking Robins.

Richard Cawley of the SLP has recently tweeted that a deal has been agreed, £100k up front and £100k in add ons including a sell on clause. Charlton paid £75k for Smith.

Many Addicks would like to see him being given more of a try out with Charlton after his return from his successful loan spell with AFC Wimbledon. However, the fact that he was scoring goals in League 2 does not mean that he can do it against Championship defences and League 1 may well be his level.


Anonymous said...

Expect more of this,trading in and out with no net spend.This guy bailed the Club out at almost Administration Price £14mn up front,more later based on Promotion etc...
He now intends to try and run Club with Loans and selling and buying players with no incremental spend.
Why are Murray,Slater and Protheroe still around,hope to god they are not running it for him ,as then we are doomed,doomed I tell you.
I question if deal is actually fully closed yet as still no public comments from Belgian, all very mysterious.

Wyn Grant said...

Slater is only here on a temporary basis, possibly to settle an outstanding employment tribunal matter. I thought that Protheroe had gone. Murray is the non-executive chairman.

Anonymous said...

Or is Slater there to protect Cash's remaining investment , who knows. Scary Murray Chairman as hasn't got a clue , like a drug addict can't walk away after twice once on his own and then with last cried taking club to brink of admin. We will see if this new owner is going to spend at all, my bet is new owner in next 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Murray statement,if Duchalet has bought into him knowing how to run the club we are totally screwed.But when you see players like Miller and Jackson linked with us ,you start to worry smells like Murray after Curbs left and it was clear he was out of his depth then he signed Floyd Hasselbank,McLeod,Andy Gray,Dickson,Fleetwood,Akpo Sodje and thats just the forwards.