Saturday, 11 January 2014

The postponement: an alternative statement

Rick Everitt offers here an alternative statement to the 'we were misled by our ground staff and then the referee got it wrong' statement by the club: Pitch


Ken Jenninigs said...

I have to wonder what circumstances led to the Chairman of our club making a statement in an ex employee's mag instead of the Official site. Sent everyone home, did we?

Ken Jennings said...

OK I geddit, now. Rick wrote it and is allowed to use Richard Murray's name. Doh!
Wish we had football to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone on Into the Valley talking sense.
Not sure why this bloke is still involved with the club, can't RD just pay him up and tell him to do one?

Richard Murray lives in the past, he still see's his name up in lights and goes to bed every night thinking that the Premier League Years gave him license to hang around forever.

My view is Murray has been around for years so people are making the mistake of listening to him and going along with what ever colour he paints the picture .

Murray has had his day he is part of our past not part of the future, the date on his ideas and the way he sells the club to people expired a long time ago yet I believe the first thing people new to the club do is listen to what he has to say, they see him as a figurehead and he is far from it.

Murray needs to be moved on to allow people to see and learn for themselves what problems we have at the club, having him around isn't helping the cause. Murray has overseen TJ and MS buying the club and RD buying it from them two and a bit years later so he knows more about the pitch issues than anybody, the first clues occurred during his era four years ago...why did he not mentioned them instead of passing the buck and making it somebody else's problem?

Anonymous said...

I witnessed the pitch 'inspection' and can only describe it as farcical. Surely a referee and his team need to wear boots, kick the ball at match pace across ALL the surfaces, not make the decision based on a few small muddy areas by throwing the ball into the air and its resulting 'bounce-ability'.
I think that the pitch was playable and much improved from recent games where the games went ahead.
No one should point a finger of blame at Paddy and his team for the postponement but at the match officials who need a 'reality check' on this poor decision.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I agree,every deal brought to club in last 5 years rumour has it he has said he wants to stay involved.In some instances driving buyers away with his interference,he thinks he has a divine right to be involved.
Anyone any good who helped build club with him has been dumped along the way,we all know who they are,if RD is listening to him,then it can only get worse.