Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Powell's preference for 4-4-2

Chris Powell discussed his preference for a 4-4-2 formation on the Footballers' Football Show on Sky yesterday evening. He did experiment with a 3-5-2 system as a way of packing his midfield yet guaranteeing Charlton remained potent as an attacking force.

But Sir Chris said that formation puts heavy strain on the wing-backs. "You should always try to play with two strikers if you can and the 3-5-2, which I played in under Jim Smith at Derby, gives you that option," said Powell.

"It works if your outside centre-backs are comfortable in full-back positions - Michael Morrison, who I have played on the right of a three at Charlton, is - but the legwork is done by the wing-backs. As a full-back you are used to feeding your winger and then overlapping or underlapping him but as a wing-back you have to deliver crosses and then get in the box when your other wing-back is delivering, as well as get back and defend."

A tactis board was used in the Sky studio but the Addicks manager said he uses that apparatus sparingly whilst coaching his players. His preference is to work through moves with players on the pitch which is their workplace.

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hartley said...

I would really like to see Mr. Powell try the 4-2-3-1. I think he has the personnel to make it work. He can still play two forwards if he wants, but the one in the center of the 3 attacking mids must be a forward with good footwork, dribbling, and passing skills.