Saturday, 4 January 2014

What exactly has Roland bought?

Rick Everitt's elves were so busy over the Christmas period that it is quite an achievement for the Rickster to produce three online articles in a week, especially when he might have been at Ramsgate beach yesterday watching the storm. However, it is a calmer prospect at The Valley now, although Rick does raise some issues about exactly what Roland Duchatelet has bought, given that The Valley and the Sparrows Lane training ground were owned by a distinct company. Read the article here: Voice of the Valley

There has been some interesting debate among fans over the merits or otherwise of the Slater/Jiminez regime. We were never told how much they invested and how much came from 'Mr Big'. We assume that this was not Ronnie Biggs, despite the fact that he went to his final resting place with a Charlton flag draped over his coffin.

For now I prefer to look to the future and our first acquisition, the attacking Swedish winger, looks just what we need if we are to chant 'Up the Football League we go.' Another early priority is to sort the pitch out, with the rearranged Oxford game unlikely to go ahead.


Anonymous said...

Wrong link I think Wyn.
Never realised the Ronnie Biggs connection - we do have some odd celebrity fans. Waiting for the boy band connection a la One Direction

Anonymous said...

As far as we can make out a third charge on assets behind Banks and ex directors and a team worth about £5mn if he is lucky and all for the price of £24mn is it,what is real figure?

Wyn Grant said...

Link is now corrected, apologies. I don't think anyone knows what the real figure is.