Thursday, 16 January 2014

Why Dwyer deal fell through

Dom Dwyer reveals why the possibility of him staying at Charlton fell through. He had a great time training there and had great respect for Chris Powell who was interested in signing him, but the new owners were not prepared to do a deal in time so the former King's Lynn striker has returned to the States: Dwyer


Anonymous said...

Interesting post on Charlton Life,showing Directors now at companies house are Duchalet,Meier,Murray and Slater, why is Slater still on Board I thought he sold out.
Or is deal to buy out Jimenez and Cash has to wait for his money or has decided to hang on for pay off in Premiership with a new co-investor?
Can anyone throw any light on the matter?

LordDofB said...

Slater only staying on for short 'handover period'.