Sunday 16 March 2014

Cawley: my take on Powell's exit

Experienced South London sports journalist Richard Cawley gives his take on Chris Powell's exit from Charlton here: Powell

I think that Cawley is right to emphasise the lack of investment last summer. Chris Powell had a list of targets, but he had very little money available with Millwall spending £3.5m more. That was more important than anything than RD has done, even though the disposal of Yann Kermorgant was a mistake.


Anonymous said...

Wyn, I can't help but feel that this notion that Powell was sacked because he didn't play certain players is a media confection. As we have now seen in two games, Riga (who is surely RD's man) hasn't played them either. Seems to me to be the case that Powell was sacked purely and simply as a result of poor performances - bottom of the table and dumped out of the cup, most managers in that position would probably have been given their marching orders.

Martin Cowan

Ken Jennings said...

How about we try and look forward in a positive manner. What benefit to our club is there in regurgitation? Let go of the anchor chain.