Saturday 15 March 2014

The Mourinho of Wallonia

Belgian journalist Maarten Breckx talks about Charlton coach José Riga and also about Roland in this Sky News interview: The Mourinho of Wallonia.

There is some interesting material, although Breckx seems to be emphasising the French accent to compensate for his presumably Flemish origins. The clip unfortunately starts with a promo for Newton Heath. I am curious to know who the fashion victim with the home knitted jumper standing next to Riga is.

Breckx says that Riga is keen on movement in midfield by his players, but questions whether Charlton players have the quality required to provide this, a reasonable enough observation.

With his usual tact, Jeremy Paxman called Belgium a pointless country yesterday. Let's hope that we are not pointless after this afternoon's encounter at The New Den. If Riga can secure all three points, he may even be a temporary Valley hero.

Millwall will be without striker DJ Campbell and defender Danny Shittu for this key relegation battle. Campbell faces a couple of weeks on the sidelines with a hamstring strain while Shittu could be set for a long spell out due to an Achilles injury.

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