Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Varney slates Powell sacking

Former Charlton chief executive Peter Varney slates the sacking of Chris Powell in a long interview with the South London Press: Varney

The Ebbsfleet supremo reckons that owning half a dozen clubs dilutes the passion. But perhaps we can leave the passion to the supporters?

I watched Roland's latest video and whilst it didn't tell me very much that was new, he is making more of an effort to communicate with the supporters than his predecessors.

The recent initiative by a group of supporters to set up a dialogue with the board has come under criticism for being self-serving and pompous. Others argue that the initiative should be left to the CAS Trust, although that only has just over 1,000 members which is at best about 10 per cent of the hard core support. If you haven't joined, I would urge you to do so, as it is the nearest thing we have to a collective voice for the fans.

The 'Royal Oak' group is formed around a core of old Valley Party warriors which means relatively little to 'Generation Y' younger supporters. One fan commented, 'Gen Y have a habit of disregarding anything that involves a struggle. In the research I have seen their number one priority is themselves and is a huge move from previous generations where it has been family, friends, community.'


Andy Pace said...

I think this is misguided by G21, this should come under the auspicious of the Supporters Trust

Anonymous said...

As much as I like Peter Varney ,these comments are biased as Chris is his mate and he appointed him,he was past his sell by date and shot of refreshing last night to see Riga start with two wingers and then move to a 442 when it wasn't working and before half time,Powell would have done that after 70 minutes and we would have lost.
Peter stick to Ebbsfleet you sound bitter and twisted and you are better than that.
As for G21, who gives a shit, we have a new owner who is spending his money on the training ground brought in 6/7 new players and a new coach who is unbeaten, and has also finally pushed Richard Murray into background.
New broom sweeping clean and its about time a new owner did that,last three groups of owners failed with support of all these old Charlton fans,they have no right to a discussion with the Board arrogant arses,and they do not represent anyone other than themselves.
Go Jose Riga go Charlton.

WattO said...

Re: Andy Price comment - I like your take on events. Much as I respect SCP on many levels, his match day tactics and decisions were often baffling. At least the Belgian Experiment has raised our club's profile in the media.