Tuesday 4 March 2014

Curbs recalls times past

I don't have Sky because satellite dishes are banned by the local council, so I am reliant on another Addick for this report.

Just before the BBC piece on Charlton last night, SKY ran another of their informative 'Footballers Football Show' with Paul Tisdale (Exeter Manager for last 7 years) Jim Rodwell (Notts County Chief Executive) and Curbs where they discussed the thorny issue of the lack of manager stability in today's football scene.

From a Charlton perspective, Curbs mentioned a few things:

  • That he felt it was his longevity at the club that allowed the Charlton board to sanction the purchase of Jerome Thomas and the wages of Jorge Costa because of the trust that RM and others had of him.
  • That the Board's expectations of the club had changed so much that it had been proposed by RM that the players' 'stay up' bonus should be dropped.
  • That Curbs turned down two manager jobs elsewhere before he left us - he remarked that he in effect interviewed the clubs interested in him to see if he could work there after us.

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