Friday, 21 March 2014

Katrien backs dialogue

Katrien Meire, de facto Charlton chief executive, says that she recognises the importance of dialogue with fans, but considers reasonably enough that any discussions should be postponed until after the relegation fight has been dealt with and the preparations for next season completed: Dialogue. These tasks are more important than allaying the fears of over anxious fans.

By the way, 'dialogue' seems to a Franglais word in French. I couldn't find it in my English-French dictionary, which admittedly I bought in 1959. However, according to Google Translate, the same word is used in both languages, so that should minimise any misunderstandings.

The big question is dialogue with whom, on behalf of whom? I think that it has to be with CAS Trust which is the nearest thing to a representative organisation we have, but clearly only organises a small minority of the Addickted in terms of paid membership. Moreover, not all of them agree with the Trust's line, although in all fairness they have tried to consult extensively with their members. I am far less sceptical of the takeover than the Trust. That doesn't mean that there isn't value in finding out more about Roland's strategy.

Trust sources have asked me to point out that, 'It also has an unpaid subscriber member count of 1700 and a network of nearly 5k. Simply put it is very unlikely for a trust in our circumstance to be bigger. We are also adding online to our membership 2-3 a day which is unheard of during an inactive phase. I would also point to other Trusts who are nowhere near as successful, even ones who part own their club.' Once again I would urge anyone who is not a member to consider joining as I do not see any other effective collective voice for fans and if one doesn't agree with the Trust line, that view needs to be heard within the Trust.

Voice of the Valley is now available online, but I will purchase it in the traditional way from one of Rick Everitt's elves at The Valley tomorrow. As far as the Royal Oak group is concerned, I am reminded of Clement Attlee's remark to the troublesome Labour NEC member Professor Laski: 'A period of silence on your part would be welcome.' Nevertheless, a statement released by Rick Everitt says that Ms Meire has stated that she will also meet the Royal Oak group. The one group she will not see is fans who are relatively well disposed to the takeover!

Of course, any group of fans is entitled to come together and express a common view, although I am going to hold back from forming 'Les amis de Roland.' However, it was possibly all a little hasty in the wake of the emotions stirred up by Chris Powell's dismissal. I think that we need to focus now on the relegation battle and, after a period of calm reflection, see what concerns we have.


Anonymous said...

Why should she talk to anyone n good on er for turnin a meetin dahn. There so up their own arrises they don't even represent most fans n loss of fans wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. That lack of trust lot are destroyin our gaff.


Dave said...

Opportunity missed if they leave this until after the season finishes. If we go down they will be fighting a rear-guard action.

Terry Ryall said...

I cannot see any reason why dialogue should not take place with some urgency in relation to the relegation fight. I can't speak for anybody other than myself but I don't believe that I am the only Charlton fan who wants to know what the survival strategy is. All the other matters can wait but somebody needs to be barking very loudly in Ms Meire's ear that CAFC needs some players who will make an impact in the matches that remain. Players that will give Reiga more tactical options and just plain physical input to cope with two matches a week. If there is another way of achieving this goal then I'd be delighted to hear it and would fully endorse it if it were convincing. Reiga faces exactly the same difficulties as CP, a lack of players of the necessary quality. I think Reiga has done remarkably well to take five points from nine but its unrealistic to expect a goal ratio of one every three matches to continue returning such a yield. Wait and see will do for some questions but not the most pressing matter of securing Championship status.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the fragrant Katrien have a dialogue with a2c to see if she could understand a world of his odd Charlton dialect. I certainly can't!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could get ac2 fast tracked into the diplomatic service to deal with President Putin?

Anonymous said...

Good on yer Katrien,tell them to get on their bikes and go forth and multiply.Why does she or roland have to explain anything,its their club they bought it and if successful stadium full, if they screw up stadium empty. Why do the likes of rick everett and richard hunt et al ,all think they have a right to talk to owners.I will tell you why because before Richard Murray was so worried about his ego that he wanted it massaged by his little bunch of cronies and only reason rick worked at club was because Murray wanted him inside rather than outside spewing his bile. Now Murray has no power they have lost their insider, good now do one G21.