Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Poyet situation being monitored

After what was apparently a stunning performance by Diego Poyet last night, Charlton coach José Riga says that he has his 'eyes opened' about the player's situation: Poyet

It's not going to be easy to hold on to such a talent who is out of contract, but he might have better chances for development playing in the first team at Charlton than sitting on the bench at a Premiership club.


Anonymous said...

If his dad is smart he will get a good deal at charlton with a break clause that gives Diego a piece of any future transfer fee,which could be millions as he improves.Why move him now to warm the bench at a big Club, if I was Roland I would stick him on a good salary and offer him 25% of any future transfer deal and as his value rises his potential earnings rise too,great bonus incentive,and if we get £10million in two years thats a net £7.5mn to the club and 2 years of his ability and £7mn more than we would get now, and boy gets rich in 2 years and a bumper deal from Barcelona or the like.

jamie mackenzie said...

Hope we keep him !! He will be one of the best midfielders in the world in years to come

Ken Jennings said...

ssshhh Jamie. Don't tell him that. We are trying to negotiate here, mate ;-)

Andy T said...

For all the criticism Roland Duchatelet we are much more likely to hold on to talents such as Poyet and Cousins now than with the previous owners. At least until they are good enough to play for Standard Leige in the Champions League ;-)

The previous owner would have cashed in by now, possibly for a fraction of their future worth.

If Charlton can recover from this season still in the Chamionship, recoup and some how get into the premier league then this new European network of clubs could really suit us. We will surely become the main priority. This relationship between the different clubs give each a tremendous amount of talent to fall back on in times of need. Maybe it is a sign off things to come.