Thursday, 6 March 2014

Powell contract progress

Progress has been made on the financial side of Chris Powell's new contract, but footballing issues remain (possibly a director of football?): Contract

I had dinner yesterday in London with someone who acts as a consultant to Premier League clubs and may shortly accept a senior post with them. He says that he really likes Charlton and comes to The Valley from time to time. He is concerned about our current position, but thinks that the key to safety is beating Millwall.

He thinks that Chris Powell would benefit from working with a director of football. He thinks that he has surrounded himself with too many 'mates', notably Alex Dyer, and would benefit from some new thinking.


Anonymous said...

This is all an illusion, CP is a dead man walking I am afraid.What has been agreed is tbe easy bit, the remainder is non-negotiable with the new owner leaving CP
no choice. His only hope is stay in
championship, win the FA Cup and turn out some golden nuggets fron the academy for Roland to balance the books.

LordDofB said...

What concerns me more at present is the fact that I received a phone call tonight from the club stating that I can no longer use Crossbars unless I move to the North Stand. Very angry and will be writing to Richard Murray.