Sunday 16 March 2014

Patrick Collins writes about Chris Powell's sacking

For the first time since I started this blog I am getting a little weary of blogging about Charlton. It's taken up too much of my time over the last week and it's a nice day out there. However, Patrick Collins has had a long association with Charlton and his article in the Mail on Sunday is worth reading, even if much of the material is familiar: Chris Powell

I will continue to provide links like these, and I will publish the results of the recent poll of fans tomorrow, but for now I am going to sit in the garden and forget about the controversies surrounding Charlton. I am, however, going to make a determined effort to reach The Valley on Tuesday after being thwarted last Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I am starting to feel that I must be a lesser man than many other Charlton supporters. If given the choice between keeping Chris Powell or staying up, I would, with a very heavy heart, have chosen the latter, whereas it seems that many of my fellow supporters would, in those circumstances, have chosen to save the man. I'm not saying that CP would not have kept us up but the confusing selections and tactics and delayed substitutions on match days and the recent resounding defeats made it seem less and less likely. I will miss the man and I regret the way in which he was forced to leave us but I have to face up to the fact I would have accepted the devil's bargain.

Anonymous said...

Charlton coverage in the Daily Mail has been mostly solid before.

I think though the Duchatelet coverage in the mail is heavily tinged by its anti European stance.

Maybe taken with a pinch of salt. Time will tell.


Ken Jennings said...

Well, how it is worth reading, I do not understand. Recycled wind up material. I asked him who had fed him the nonsense. I won't hold my breath.

Why do some people want to wallow in the past, regardless of how dreadful it has been?

Chris Powell has gone. Get over it.

Wyn Grant said...

Ken, I would agree that much of it is recycled. I would also agree that the Mail's stance on Europe affects its coverage. However, in general, if a feature article appears in a newspaper about Charlton, I like to provide a link.

Ken Jennings said...

Wyn, I understand and appreciate that. I'm all for inspiring discussion as well. It is the stale and unhelpful content of that article that brought about my comments.

Anonymous said...

As a regular and appreciative reader of your blog I hope you're only temporarily jaded and keep up your clear and concise commentary on all things Addick.