Friday, 30 May 2014

A Belgian view of Bob Peeters

Someone involved in Belgian football has given an Addick this assessment of Bob Peeters: 'Bob done a great job at Cercle Brugge but was tempted by the big job at Gent which turned out to be too early for him. After 6 months out of the game he became coach at Waasland-Beveren and did another great job keeping them in the top Belgian league. My friend also said Beveren was like keeping Southend in the premiership, they are that small a club. He thinks Charlton is a good next step for Bob as he is very ambitious guy.'

'However, his success has been at clubs that were small and with a team full of youngsters; they follow him and look up to him. At Gent he was unable to deal with the bigger star names in the dressing room. So he does have a bit of a reputation as a "my way or highway" sort of guy. That said my friend said when he played at Genk it was clear he was going to be a very good manager.'


Luv Robin said...

Sounds like he is a real Gent at least

Anonymous said...

I think your friend in Belgium may have got his facts a bit wrong.

Mr Petters was actually sacked by Cerge Brugge for very poor results, they eventually finished bottom of the league, he then went onto Gent in the same season and was also sacked by them, for another string of very poor results.
As for Wassland Beverern his results are also pretty dreadful, he took over after just seven games, they finsished 3rd from bottom and very narrowly missed relegation. They also had the worst goals scored in the league, sounds familiar, in the last ten games they only won two and lost the last four games.
Those are the facts I found after a lot of seaching on various Belgium sites.
I would think with Petters at the helm and his past record we will more than likely be staring at Division 1 again rather than the Premiership!

Anonymous said...

Hmm who to trust?

Info direct from a Belgian or someone with poor spelling and grammar who has looked on some websites and relied on Google translate.

Anonymous said...

I can't abide sloppy grammar.bad spelling or incorrect use of punktuashon!?".;

Anonymous said...

Cercle Brugge had an unexpectedly good season 2011/2012, with Peeters getting good reviews. Then in the close season they lost, or had unsettled, their best players (sound familiar?). Disastrous start to 2012/2013, patience lost at the top so the tin-tack for Bob in October. See (it's in better English than most blog comments).

Anonymous said...

Does it really make much of a difference now?! The reality is he's our manager (head coach, whatever) and his past record is just that; in the past. You can trawl through statistics and opionions all you like but it doesn't change the fact that he's in charge for next season.

Whether we agree with the appointment or not we just have to accept it and get behind him and the team for next season.

Ken Jennings said...

here is another Belgian view but the 'We are doomed' crowd may not agree.....
"Hey, I am a Belgian football enthusiast and I came here to inform you guys about Bob Peeters. Bob Peeters is a very charasmatic coach, he has humor and is a very social man. He is known for working extremely hard, he stays at the club 24h/24h 7 days out of 7.

As a coach he likes to play attacking football and give youngsters chances. Imo he is one of our biggest coaching talents but he had some bad luck in the start of his coaching career. Now everything works out for him and he truely deserves it.

If you ask me Riga or Peeters, I would say Peeters without any doubt. Give the man a chance and you will love him. Good luck for Charlton and Bob the coming season!"

Anonymous said...

KJ are you RD in disguise, Petters better than Riga!

If he is one of the best coaches in Belgium, considering his current poor record, the standard of coaches must be very poor over there.

Also how is it if he likes to play attacking football most of his games end in draws or losses plus his teams have very low scoring records?

I know we are now stuck with him and have to get behind the team but sorry his appointment doesn't exactly fill us with hope!