Monday, 5 May 2014

Two beards less

It has been remarkable this season that we have a much longer squad list than many better teams who have played against us. A number of players were simply not up to Championship standard and a major clear out is now under way.

In that spirit it is understood that Danny Green has now left the club. Joining him are expected to be Jordan, Pritchard, Evina, Hollands, Cook, Feely and Gower. The loan players have, of course, also left.

The smart money is on Hamer leaving and Poyet staying, but minus his beard.

These matters seem trivial compared to the death of Elena Baltacha at 30 from liver cancer. Her father is professional lead development coach at Charlton and our thoughts and condolences go to him at this tragic time.


Brian G said...

Well said, Wyn. An unthinkable tragedy bto lose such a talented and athletic daughter at such a young age.

Any news on the person who was having CPR at the Watford game?

Anonymous said...

from what i gather the man in the east is in a stable but criticle position at st thomas hospital if it wasnt for the man who gave him cpr he may not have been around today it would be a nice jesture for the club welcome this bloke on the pitch before a home game.Whilst im at it very annoyed with the numpty stewards around this bloke in the east they must be replaced come the new season as could seriously had an affect on this man should be dealt with prompto.

Green hasnt done it and myself wont be sad see the following leave like hamer,evina,cook and gower none have done it in a charlton shirt best get them off the wage bill asap and bring in some quality for the summer ,the board arnet stupid they know major rebuilding work is needed on the team.

Anonymous said...

Hamer has left the club