Wednesday 3 December 2014

Bid for Standard Liege?

Unconfirmed reports have appeared in Belgian media that Roland is considering a €60m bid for Standard Liege. The bid is thought to come from the Middle East. It should be noted that there have been bid reports about SL before which have come to nothing.

In any event Roland's strategy towards Charlton is determined by financial prudence rather than a lack of ready cash.


Anonymous said...

I think we may see a loosening of the purse strings in the transfer window

Brian G said...

Only if we steady ourselves on the field and stay close to the play-off places.

Anonymous said...

I think the most positive thing that would come from a Standard Liege sale would be Charlton becoming top dog in the pack, getting a bit more attention from the owner, until he buys another club anyway. Given the FFP set back he may well not fancy any more purchases and might chuck a bit more cash at trying to get us promoted. I guess we might lose Yoni though as he is on loan, which would be a shame.

Unknown said...

rd wants the big prize thats the prem tv money hes not stupid,that be worth 120m from next season as the rules would have changed with increased revenue for clubs in the prem league.I reckon hes going except this offer as hes not wanted by the leige fans who had a mass demo last month.I reckon he will use around 10m for us in the jan transfer window to add to the team and bring in several of bp targets

Anonymous said...

I suppose it may all depend on whether 60mil represents a profit or loss, at the end of the day. Who knows, maybe he just liked to pop down to Liege to see a match now and then like Mr Abramovich. Is Liege his childhood dream team, turned troublesome? I take it he does actually like the game, but then again perhaps not. Is he only in it for the money, or is it a hobby? I know nothing about the man or the super rich as a species.
Does anyone outside their inner circle? With recent news though it seems very likely that he will reach a new crossroads re, CAFC one day very soon, if not now. I'm sure we all have our fingers crossed that he makes some positive decisions ah!