Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Ipswich hunting Fox

Ipswich Town are reported to be interested in signing Morgan Fox in the January transfer window as a replacement for Tyrone Mings who may be heading for the Emirates: Morgan Fox

I'm not sure how far Wiggins is off fitness, but such a move would leave us without cover at left back, even given that Solly can play there at a stretch.


Anonymous said...

To quote Richard Murray 'we no longer need to sell our good young players'

He speak with forked tongue ?

Anonymous said...

when will murray go do one?

Lee said...

never ceases to amaze me how
a) people confuse rumour with reality - a player linked is a player moving NO
b) people abuse Richard Murray without whom the success we would all like to see return would not have been possible

maybe this anonymous should 'do one'

Anonymous said...

What's happened? Did I miss something?
It's perhaps a bit more realistic to save the negativity and pessimism till after the window has closed. If you're not happy then. Or on the other hand what if it did happen. It must be that every player has a price (if they want to go) unless they are irreplaceable. What else?

Brian G said...

I totally agree with Lee. I imagine that we will sell him sometime in the future to a Premier League club at a ridiculously inflated price but where would be the sense or profit in selling to a club that prides itself on the fact that they spent nothing this summer? It's a press rumour in what must be a very quiet time in E Anglia with the seasonal reduction in the number of turkeys running around.

Anonymous said...

Sing along!……..
I saw Elvis down the chip shop.

jonathan acworth said...

or a fox in a bin ol

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 1. has got the wrong of the stick…….. 'we no longer need to sell our good young players'. Doesn't mean we won't. Everyone has a price, that's good business. Good business will build a club, not not selling or not not buying.