Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Morro signs for Blues

Michael Morrison, as anticipated, has signed a permanent deal with Birmingham City: Morrison

Coincidentally, I just had a Birmingham City supporter in the house (doing a television interview) and he reckoned that Morrison had given them just what they wanted.

Problem is, would you play him in front of TBH and Bikey? I doubt whether he was happy with being cover.


Brian G said...

Expected but still a shame.

Boneyboy said...

I'm sorry to see Morrison leave. He has been a consistently good player for us right from the time that he joined us. He has been injury free, and, for a centre half remarkably free of bookings and suspensions.

Until this season he has always been the better footballer and passer of the centre half pairings that he has played in, and would always have been my first choice of the players available to play there.

This season Bob Peters has favoured playing the ball across and from the back, and both TBH and Bikey seem too have better skills at this, so its understandable that Morrison has had so few games.

I'm sad to see him go. He was one the key players in our promotion from Div 2 and in keeping us in the Championship for 2 seasons. But this season he has had so few games, its understandable that he needs to move.

So I think that its time to say thanks, and to show our appreciation when he returns to the Valley playing for an opposition team.

Brian G said...

Here, here, Boneyboy.

I hate this 'for an undisclosed fee' business. We fans like to know the transfer value of our players. Wyn, given your detailed understanding of football finances, is there any way of establishing what payment we received?

Wyn Grant said...

Brian G, I am afraid there is no way of establishing the fee. I suspect that it would be relatively small.

Brian G said...

Thanks, Wyn. Will the accounts for the financial period just give a total figure for transfer income?

chris said...

it will be small £100k or less i would think as we are running club on a shoestring including wages of new players are said to be £5k a week or less.

Brian G said...

Chris, I would never have thought that I was on a shoestring at wages of 5k a weekin my twenties and thirties, but I know what you mean. Other clubs will be offering/paying substantially more than us.