Tuesday 30 December 2014

Charlton put to the plough at Ipswich

With Gomez brought in as a late change following a hamstring problem, it looked like a 3-5-2 formation for Charlton at Portman Road. Charlton made an attack in the first minute but Cousins was unable to find the target.

Ipswich won their first corner after Cousins failed to intercept, followed by a second. Etheridge gathered the header. Murphy put in a shot but Solly got his body in the way at the expense of a third corner.

Ipswich got a free kick off Bikey in a dangerous position. McGoldrick’s effort went of the post and Bikey cleared.

Vetokele spotted Gudmundsson, but he couldn’t quite get on the end of it. Gomez had to give away a corner. Vetokele dealt with the corner well, but Ipswich got a fifth corner, followed by a sixth with Charlton under pressure.

Gudmundsson put in a powerful shot which wasn’t far off target. Ipswich won their seventh corner after 20 minutes. Buyens put in a forceful challenge.

Ipswich won their eighth corner as the half hour mark was passed and the ball went out for a ninth. Chambers had a free header , it hit Jackson, Etheridge tried to control it but Smith who had space put it in the back of the net.

Charlton mounted an attack which had to be cleared off the line. The Addicks kept up the pressure but to no avail. Solly put in a cross, but Tucudean fired over.

The Addicks conceded their tenth corner. Ipswich then won a free kick which hit the post and then went out for a corner.

Charlton were under the cosh for long periods of the half, but there was a good response after the goal.

HT: Tractors 1, Addicks 0

Ipswich started the half with another corner. Gudmundsson put in a shot but it went straight into the arms of the keeper. Gomez put the ball into Vetokele but the flag was raised. McGoldrick got a yellow card for trying to take out Gomez.

Charlton put in a good move as they got into the game more. Solly had to defend at the expense of a corner, followed by yet another. The ball came off the crossbar from a McGoldrick header (he may have been offside) and Murphy put it in to make it 2-0. The home fans woke up.

A shot from McGoldrick went over the bar with the goal at his mercy.

Charlton won their first corner of the game. A shot from Gudmundsson led to a save from the keeper and another Charlton corner.

Bulot came on in place of Jackson. After good work on the right, Charlton won a corner. Bulot couldn’t get the ball under control.

Ipswich won another corner. A shot from Gudmundsson took a deflection leading to a corner, their fifteenth. Smith brought Vetokele down. Charlton won another corner. Tucudean got a yellow card. McGoldrick burst through and made it 3-0. Bikey thought there was offside by Hunt and got a yellow card. Ben Haim had to defend well to stop it becoming 4-0. There had to be some good defending to stop a fourth.

I filled in my predictions for the second half of the season for the West Sussex competition this morning and put this down as 2-0 to Ipswich, so the defeat was no surprise, but still disappointing, especially for the 1,023 Addicks who made the journey on this cold night. Unfortunately, our marking at set pieces let us down.


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Brian G said...

Not been a great Christmas, has it? However, I must express my admiration of the 1,000 + fans who made the trip and sang to almost the very end. Well done to you all. What now, I wonder?