Friday, 12 December 2014

Buyens could start against Blackpool

With Johnnie Jackson out injured, Yoni Buyens could start against Blackpool as he returns to full fitness: Line Up

We often wonder what Jackson contributes until he goes off and then something seems to be missing, perhaps the spaces he fills as he reads the game are then unoccupied. Buyens impressed me at the start of the season, but then seemed to fall away.

Selection problems increased with the news that Francis Coquelin has been recalled to Arsenal to ease a defensive crisis: Coquelin. Radio 5 seemed to think he was on loan at Leicester.


Anonymous said...

Like you Buyens seemed to start the season really well and then dip, but I also think he was back to playing well before the injury, so I am hopeful he will come back to his best.

Brian G said...

We really need Buyens now as Arsenal have recalled Coquelin this afternoon.