Saturday 20 December 2014

Chris Powell on Sky

Chris Powell was on Fantasy Football Club on Sky last night. He talked a lot about his Charlton days including where his celebration after home victories came from, how much he is looking forward to playing us and the times he had both as a player and manager.

He cited Curbs as giving him his best advice as a manager (to get into the ear of a player), said Curbs and Pardew were the best at joining in on training etc. In picking his best 11 players of those he actually played with - five had worn our shirt -Deano (Chris said although he had roomed with him for 5 years he did not know what Paul Merson told him i.e. that Deano used to work on the roads), Rufus, Parker, Barnes and Di Canio. You can see a clip of him selecting his favourite players here: Powell's 11

After just three months at Huddersfield, Chris Powell is now the 72nd longest serving manager in the Football League.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack your CP post Wyn but what a load of crap we were today. I listened to the first half commentary and I didn't bother with the second half. I think if I had been at the ground I would have left. We sounded lucky with a two nil result and Blackburn are not great at the moment. Bournemouth 6 Blackpool 1 doesn't help. We were not at the races. 8 chances and two on target what the hell has happened? Sorry to be doom and gloom but the next four look like three defeats and a draw if we are lucky unless this team kind find some desire.
CP is dead, long live CP, as they say, = legend, but not infallible.