Monday 29 December 2014

Charlton fans as seen in the looking glass

An Ipswich fan has put together a lengthy compilation of views culled from the Charlton fans about the club's recent performances and their players: Forum views

Some fans are saying that we are already showing relegation form which speaks volumes about the extent to which it is possible to be pessimistic about one's own team. 11th doesn't look like a relegation position.

Optimists argue that the play off places are not out of reach, which of course they are not. However, this looks like a mid-table season to me, the unresolved question is whether we will be upper or lower mid table.

Well-informed commentators point out that the club's position is not sustainable in the Championship with losses of £5 million a year. Unless we can get promoted, the options are relegation or administration (or perhaps both). Even a year in the Premiership would give us around £120m (less additional spending on players) which would set us up in the Championship for a few years, not to mention the generous parachute payments. It's a strange world where you can have a strategy of getting promoted to get relegated to stay afloat.

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Brian G said...

Perhaps the real state of mind of Charlton fans at the moment is shown by the fact that no one is responding to these blogs at the moment.However, I guess that we've all been busy with Christmas and the New Year