Monday 23 March 2015

Buyens may be staying in SE7

Yoni Buyens may make his move to Charlton permanent: Yoni Buyens

Buyens came from the mother ship after some difficulties there, but is enjoying his time in SE7 and working under Guy Luzon.

His record at penalties is 100 per cent this year, but this will not impress the 'penalties don't count' school. He started the season well, but then his form slipped. Let us hope that it is returning with a confidence boost from his first goal in open play.


Unknown said...

I put my hand up perhaps I was wrong on him ,he has since got a kick up the ass by Luzon as have the likes of church all we need now is harriott get the same treatment lol Luzon is probably the best manager I have seen at the club since days of curb he will take us up next year I have a feeling

Unknown said...

Luzon has certainly got the best out of him Luzon I think will take us up next year