Tuesday, 3 March 2015

'This Luzon bloke does have a clue'

That is what one Addick tweeted after Charlton beat Nottingham Forest 2-1 at The Valley tonight through a Bulot brace.

Tony Watt launched one of his trademark attacks early in the game, but got fouled.

Tony Watt was taken out as he went steaming forward and a yellow card was given to Lascelles. From the free kick Bulot put it into the top left-hand corner with a screamer to make it 1-0 after six minutes. The Gabonese fans I passed in Floyd Road on Saturday would be happy if they had come again.

Antonio got the ball on to his right foot and put the ball into the bottom left-hand corner to make it 1-1 as Henderson made a despairing drive.

Lawrie Wilson was brought down off the pitch by Antonio and needed the attention of the physio.

Watt didn’t have enough support as he forged forward and ran into a dead end. Lansbury put a shot straight at Henderson.

Diarra had to clear the ball away as Charlton were under pressure from Diarra. This led to the first corner of the game. Henderson got his fists to it and put it out. The curling ball caused chaos. Charlton struggled to get the ball clear, but it eventually went out for a goal kick. However, the old Charlton vulnerability in defending corners showed.

Forest had the upper hand as news came through that Millwall were 2-0 down at Boro. Diarra did well, but was thrown head first into the advertising hoardings. Charm merchant Lansbury was lucky to get away with a yellow card.

Wilson did well as Antonio threatened again. His powerful runs had troubled Reading last Saturday. Henderson was unsighted as Antonio made a shot and Henderson put it out for a corner. The ball went out for another corner. Henderson missed it, but the ball went out for a goal kick.

Charlton needed to get back in the game as Forest were on top. Wilson delivered a good ball into the box and Bulot buried it to make it 2-1. This is Bulot who was written off in the last Voice of the Valley by Steve Dixon: ‘I cannot remember a significant contribution from [him].’

Cousins battled well with Osborn as two minutes were added on. Harriott seemed to be in trouble after he tripped up. Good work by Vetokele dealt with Antonio.

HT: Addicks 2, Forest 1

With Harriott off with a knock, Eagles came on. Bikey replaced Wilson. Luzon showed that he was not afraid to make half time substitutions.

Forest got a free kick in a dangerous position after protestations by Antonio. Vetokele intercepted for a corner.

Charlton got their first corner of the game, but it was unproductive. Diarra defended well.

Forest put in a header which went over the bar, Bikey told Fox he should have got it away.

Antonio was still causing problems, muscling Eagles out of the way.

A Forest shot curled wide. They had got the upper hand in the second half. But then Charlton put in some good work with the ball hitting the defender for a throw in.

Gardner, who had had a frustrating time in the second half in his role of feeding Antonio, was taken off.

Henderson took the ball well as the offside flag was raised, but it looked as if he had injured his shoulder, but he carried on.

Vetokele couldn’t just get to a ball that was chipped in by Gomez. Dexter Blackstock came on for Forest. Bikey defended well.

Burke got away from Fox but Bikey blocked his shot. Lansbury came off and was replacesd by Vekdwijk.

Bulot had shot on 85 minutes, but it was held by Darlow in the Forest goal. Vetokele went down and Lepoint came on. Darlow kept out a header from Watt and a shot by Bulot was blocked. Lichaj was booked for a foul on Watt. Antonio was then shown a yellow card for a bad foul.

Forest got a late corner and Darlow came up but to no avail.

The Addicks are now 14 points above Millwall who lost 3-0 at 'Boro. Charlton are now 5th in the form table.


CA Addick said...

11 v 3 goals and 12 pts in 5 games tells a very good story and turnaround. The result tonight after the enforced team changes is a great result and with bioth Millwall and Rotherham losing a great bonus

Brian G said...

I can't be logical about this: it's just wonderful! COYR!!

Unknown said...

much better than the previous dim wits we had powell and riga lol

Anonymous said...

No idea if he really is any good, and who knows how it'll work out in the longer term? However, it was clearly a good decision to change manager and it has given a timely boost to the team. What's more, a few of the players already seem to be playing better under Luzon which does show he must know a thing or two.
Mainly, and most importantly to the club's future, I would say it's pretty unlikely we'll be relegated now.

Unknown said...

but millwall will be lol

Anonymous said...

extra Championship recruits and playing two attackers has helped

a2c said...
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Unknown said...

perhaps its Luzon style of coaching nearly siting on the floor which helps he can see whats happening before anyone else can I can see his thinking now in this its certainly getting the best out of the players