Tuesday 24 March 2015

Interest in Gomez and Cousins

The rumour mill is suggesting that Newcastle United are interested in Joe Gomez and Jordan Cousins. Despite his young age, Joe Gomez is a real talent who displays a maturity beyond his years, has good judgment of the game and is resilient. Jordan Cousins would be my pick for player of the year.

I would not be surprised if other Premier League clubs displayed an interest and one or both of them might leave in the summer. Clearly they would be a loss.


Anonymous said...

I may be naive but I do hope whoever advises these players is doing so with the best interests in their career at heart and not just to make a quick buck. Do we think Diego Poyet has developed this season warming the bench at West Ham (with a couple of games at Huddersfield)?

Charlton Athletic are likely to always be a selling club. We have always had to sell our best players and no blame can be put at RD's doorstep for this. However, I do think there are far too many young English players who have excelled at Championship level and below who are not playing enough football once they make the 'big time' of the Premier League.

Unknown said...

I think that this is going to be a test of Duchatalet's intentions. We do not need to sell these two and keeping hold of them will show a real desire to get to the Premier League. However, selling them will signal a mere attempt to make a quick buck, something that I really don't see the point of. It will be such a waste if they go and, hopefully, Roland sees the long-term benefit of keeping hold of them. Unless they push for a move themselves, which is a different matter altogether...

Finkle said...

Not sure RD would have a choice if Premiership teams came in with decent bid and if they want to leave. They'd be paying for their potential and RD could buy ability now to help promotion for next year.

Unknown said...

Gomez should be sold at between 6m-10m hes such a raw tallent we should be asking big bucks off newcastle especially with the tv money topping 120m for each club next year.On cousins my old neighbour who ive only seen a couple times around the area has been my pick for player of the year he is attracting spurs,everton and arsenal interest so i would ask the same as cousins. A few on facebook say we get around 4m for him which will hopefully be put back into the team for next year. We have also had 2 loan moves for Watt come in both have been turned down by the club so i understand this morning good job to probably the best striker i have seen at charlton for many seasons.

Players i would like see depart and my reasons why next to them i am being totally honest here.....

Harriott-has had a very poor season and his injury the other match just proves it we could cash in on him now and get at least 250k with that money i like see emmanuel thomas from bristol city come in.

Solly-I think the club could flog him in the summer as i think are getting nervous with his knee problems he has 2 good games then he gets a 4 obviously he cant handle more than 3 games at a time so i reckon the club might start listning for offers for him around the 1m mark due to his knee problems which is a shame for the player whos been our best right back since humphrey!.If we cash in on solly i would like see arive Peterborough Bostwick whos always impressed me

Fox -Ipswich are sniffing around him so lets sell?His replacement i go for Lewington at Mk dons

keep johnsson and ben haim offer them 2 season deals

sell gomez to newcastle and pump that money we get for him into the first team.Replacement for Gomez Obieye who we sent out on loan to dagenham might be his replacement i heard getting very good marks or Holmes -Dennis whos very quick so we have tallent who could quite easilly step up like Gomez did.

Wiggins-Like solly has injury problems i think the club will offload him on a free over the summer.Replacement-Mousinho at Burton i have been thourghly impressed with him this year he never gets below a 7 out of 10 this is the sort of signing we should snap up

Jackson-Legs have gone either be offloaded by club on a free for good service or he could be promoated on as a coach at the club work alongside euell him on the touchline would be valuable more as a player.Replacement-Dean Cox Orient orient possibly going down would add much pace to the midfield area and the os will probably sell their star player cheaply.
Wilson-sent to rotherham where i think he be sold during the summer to -Replacement-Johnson preston having a storming season so far

others Bikey offered one more year
offloaded church to millwall
ventokele to standard swap for the beast
Lepoint not up to championship standard i think he end up at leige swap for mpoko

Big sales over 3m cousins,gudmundson and gomez

who u like bring in over the summer and who u like see depart ?

Unknown said...

You acworth must be the dumbest person I have every heard of you are saying to offload the whole team when and where are we going to get the money to replace them and you say to get rid of some of our best players this season. Roland is breaking even atm with charlton he is now wanting to push the team for top of the league next season so that he is making money meaning he will invest in the club in the summer.

Unknown said...

I hope u are right but its run as a business unfortunetly the best players will be sold weather anyone likes it or not